What is Social Media Marketing exactly?

As per the latest survey, there are 3.2 billion Social Media users in this world which are approximately 42% of the World’s population. By looking at this survey details, we can easily think about the business growth opportunities within Social Media Marketing.


Before going deep into Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing, we need to understand the basic concept of Marketing.

"Marketing" is nothing but promoting your product or services that would help to get Sales.​

These are the perfect examples of Traditional Marketing

  • Print Media = Advertisement in Newspaper, Pamphlets.
  • Telephone = Cold calling
  • Newsletter

"Digital Marketing" is promoting your product or services on a Digital or Electronic Platform.

These are the different channels of Digital Marketing.

  • Content Marketing = Blogs, Youtube Videos
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

There are two ways of Digital Marketing

  • Organic Marketing = SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing.
  • Paid Marketing = SEM, Email, Social Media Ads.
Now, let’s know about our main topic i.e. “Social Media Marketing”.

1) What is Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing is a very effective way to promote your products/services by spreading brand awareness on Social Media Platforms and convert your target audience into potential customers.  

Do you know every person who uses smartphones spends at least 2 to 2.5 hours on social media? It means that you don’t need to search for the customers as you have ready-made customers available on Social Media Platforms. You just need to create good content to attract them to become your follower and by nurturing them you can convert them to customers. 

These are the top trending Social Media Platforms that you need to use for your Social Media Marketing.

  1. Facebook – Facebook is the most popular Social Media platform with around 2.3 Billion users. 
  2. Youtube – YouTube has around 2 billion active users. YouTube is a very effective medium to get connected to your audience (potential customers in the future).
  3. Instagram – Insta is very popular among youngsters, there are around 1 billion users on this platform. This is the best platform for Visual Marketing. 
  4. Twitter – Twitter has around 326 million active users. It is also known as a microblogging platform where you can share your thought/points of view in the form of Tweets. 
  5. LinkedIn – LinkedIn has 303 million active users. This platform is quite a favorite of Professionals. 
  6. Pinterest – Pinterest has also a good userbase with 303 active users. It is Social Media Platform where you can pin your blog links and divert traffic to your blog. 

I hope you got to know a bit about Social Media Marketing and different Platforms. Now, let me share with you the benefits of Social Media Marketing. 

2) Why Social Media Marketing is very effective?


Every business wants to come online after seeing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social Media Marketing is the best way for the same. It helps you to reach millions of your ideal customers across the globe. 

Now, let’s see the real benefits of SMM.

  1.  Brand Awareness – Social Media Marketing has proved that it’s an effective way to increase your visibility online as a Brand. 
  2. Cost-effective – As we all know that if we need to promote our product or services using the traditional marketing method we end up spending more money compare to Digital Marketing. 
  3. Reaches to Global audience – If you use the correct SMM strategy, you can sell your product/service to any person on this planet. 
  4. Customer/Audience Engagement – You can easily communicate with your followers/customers and work on the suggestions or feedback given by them to improve your product/service. This is the best example of two-way communication. 
  5. Faster Content Distribution – If you create good content for your audience then it will not take much time to get it shared by them with their friends. It will help you to get more followers and who can become your future customers.
  6. Easy to monitor your performance – SMM platforms give you an option to monitor your Content Marketing strategies using the “Insight” option. You can also keep an eye on industry trends and your competitors strategies.
  7. Provides authenticity – You must have heard the great line “People buy from People”. If you communicate with your audience it gives a personal touch with help to be Authentic. 

I hope my content is keeping you engaged and giving value for your time. 

3) How to use Social Media Marketing for your business?

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Are you excited to know about the Social Media Marketing formula to grow your business? Let’s go.

1)  Understand your product/service:- You can’t sell your boats to the people who stay in the desert. The reason for giving this example to make you understand that you have to choose the correct audience for your product/service or you will end up with no disappointment. You need to ask the below questions to define your target audience.

  • What is your product or service?
  • What are the features?
  • What are the benefits of this product or service which will resolve your audience’s specific problem?
  • Who will benefit from this and how?

2) Define your target Audience:- You need to create a buyer persona for your target audience by considering the below factors.

  • Background = Occupation, Education, Marital Status, Income
  • Demographic = Age, Gender, Location
  • Generation = Baby Boomers (54-72 Years Old) / Generation X (38-53 Years Old) / Millenials (22-37 Years Old) / Generation Z (0-21 Years Old)
  • Personality Type 
  • Lifestyle
  • Opinions and Attitudes 
  • Interests & Hobbies

3) Select the correct Social Media Platform:- You need to define your Social Media Platform considering the below points. 

  • What Industry are you in?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What resources do you have?
  • What is your budget?

4) Define Content Types :-

  • PDF’s = eBook, Guide, Checklist, Template, Catalogue
  • Images = GIFs, MEMEs, Infographics, Product Image
  • Videos = How to Video, Product Demo, Product Review, Webinar, Behind the Scenes. 

5) Use the correct tool:-

  • Designing = CANVA
  • Blog/Website = WordPress
  • Google Drive = Storing your data
  • Google Docs = Creating a document
  • Scheduling = Creator Studio, Hootsuite, Later

6) Define SMART Goals for your Business:-

  1. Specific 
  2. Measurable
  3. Attainable 
  4. Relevant 
  5. Time-Based

7) Monitor and Measure your Performance:-

  • Are people vising your profile?
  • Are people liking and sharing your posts?
  • Are people commenting on your posts?
  • Are people converting from the audience to followers?
  • Which posts are 

8) Competitor Analysis:- You need to keep checking the Market trend and analyze your Competitor’s activity with the below points.

  • Which platforms your competitor is using?
  • Understand their Content Strategy.
  • Understand their marketing strategy to increase social media followers.
  • Check the hashtags they are using on their post.

Conclusion:- Now,  you know the importance of Social Media Marketing, use the below 5 step Formula to build personal brand and grow your business online.

  1. Define your Niche
  2. Define your product
  3. Define your target audience
  4. Define your marketplace
  5. Define your SMM strategy

Thanks for reading my blog.

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Why Digital Marketing is important for every business?

A Short real story

Let me share with you the story of my friend Ravi. Ravi got a new job in Bangalore. He got a nice 2 BHK unfurnished house within his budget online. So, he shifted to Bangalore along with his parents. However, there was only 1 bed provided by his owner. So, he decided to go and check in a nearby market. Ravi finally got one nice shop where he got the new bed as per his exact requirement but there was a small problem. The shop owner requested Ravi to arrange transport as he didn’t have any vehicle to get it delivered to Ravi’s house. As being a newbie in Bangalore city, he started thinking about how to resolve this issue.

Suddenly he saw one small Lawry was passing by. He stopped that Lawry man and requested him to deliver the newly bought bed to his new house. However that Lawry man told Ravi that he is going for delivery outside of the City area so it will take time to come back from there. After listening to his words, Ravi started worrying about the delivery part. After looking at Ravi’s tensed face, that Lawry man called Ravi and told him that there is an App from where he can book another Lawry easily. Ravi downloaded that App and booked the Lawry at a very affordable price. Lawry arrived within 7 minutes after booking. Finally, Ravi got a big relief after getting this amazing solution. 

The reason for telling this true story is to know the importance of Digital Marketing in our day-to-day life.

All the business owners are promoting their product or service online and they are getting more online customers easily. Now, let’s start knowing about this technology in detail.

What is Digital Marketing?

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The simple definition of Digital Marketing is Promoting your product or services on Digital platforms like Social Media, emails, and SMS. 

Digital Marketing is the advanced way of marketing to get more customers and grow the business.

Digital Marketing VS Offline Marketing

Digital Marketing Channels

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Digital Marketing channels are nothing but the different platforms used for Businesses for their Brand awareness, promoting their product and services digitally.

Many DM channels get used as per the requirement of Business type. Below is the list of the 5 most trending and effective online Marketing channels used globally which generates a considerable result.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  5. Mobile Marketing

Choosing the appropriate marketing channels will be always helpful for Businesses to get good ROI (Return on Investment). Let’s try to get more information about every channel.

1) Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a very important channel of Digital Marketing. It helps business owners to attract an audience by sharing valuable information and material in form of Posts and Videos. Text, Images, and Videos are the important aspects of Content Marketing strategy.

YouTube and Personal/Professional blogs are the best examples of Content Marketing.

2) Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing is a channel that can be used to promote your product/services on different Social Media Platforms like,


  • Facebook – Around 2072M active users
  • Instagram – Around 800M active users
  • LinkedIn – Around 303M active users
  • Twitter – Around 335M active users
  • Pinterest – Around 250M active users
  • Quora (Media Sharing Network) – Around 300M active users


Out of 5 channels, Social Media Marketing is the most effective and beneficial channel as it provides Businesses not only keep connected with their existing customers but also attract new customers. 


Tip :- Social Media is the best platform to build your “Personal Brand”.

3) Email Marketing

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Email Marketing is still considered an effective marketing channel to keep a connection with your audience by sharing targeted and personalized messages. By sharing valuable content through emails, you can convert your audience to your future customer after building trust with them.

There is a total of 5 types of effective marketing emails which you can use for your business.


  1. Welcome emails – To start an initial conversation with your audience.
  2. Email Newsletter – This can be used for brand awareness and stay connected with your audience.
  3. Promotional emails – This can be used to share information related to your product and services.
  4. Dedicated emails – This can be used specifically to highlight the call-to-action for your audience/customers.
  5. Transactional emails – This type of email sent to a recipient after a specific action is taken by them. 

4) SEO

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of promoting your website on search engines to increase the traffic and get more sales by promoting your product and services. This is a very effective organic method (non-paid) to reach to maximum audience. These are 3 important factors in SEO.

  1. Content = You should create good quality content (Text, image, and video) like Blogs/Articles/How to tutorials through which you can easily attract the audience. 
  2. On-Page SEO = You need to update a good Title Tag, Meta description, subheading, internal links, and ALT tags.
  3. Off-Page SEO = It’s nothing but your blog/website getting promoted and referred by other websites (Backlinks).

5) Mobile Marketing

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There are around 5 billion people who use mobiles. So, Mobile marketing becomes an effective method to promote products and services through SMS, text messages, multimedia messages. Nowadays, most businesses are promoting their products via “Whatsapp” too.

There are few benefits of Mobile Marketing strategy.

  • It’s cost-effective
  • Reaches a broader market
  • It’s a direct marketing
  • Easily gets viral.
  • Easy to use

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Businesses

1) You don’t need to spend much on the advertisement by using Digital Marketing strategies. It’s very cost-effective than Traditional Marketing.

2) Instead of wasting time on irrelevant customers, you can target the right audience as per your product or service.

3) Digital Marketing is Dynamic, so you can make changes in your ads as per your requirement anytime.

4) You will get high ROI (Return On Investment) from Ad campaigns.

5) You can have direct communication with your customers and get feedback/reviews to improve your product or service.


After the COVID-19 pandemic, consumption of the Internet has been increased by 43% and digitalization in marketing started. People started spending more time on the Internet watching videos, reading great content on blogs, and listening to Podcasts. Due to this online shopping consumer has been increased by 23% which is the clear indication for every business to be online if they want to grow their business immensely. 

If you are the business owner and haven’t started using Digital Marketing strategies, you are going out of the race. If you would like to know more about Digital Marketing services, please subscribe to get more updates from us which would be beneficial for you to grow your business.

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